Juliet Ibrahim maintains her stance on woman having side boyfriends

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has maintained her stance on the right of women to have “side ni**as”.

The actress was called out after she wrote on Instagram, she wrote;

Don’t lose a good side nigga over your boyfriend. If your boyfriend was a good dude you wouldn’t need a side nigga.

But she was not cowed by the social media attacks, instead, she went ahead to post a follow up insisting women can have side niggas since men feel it’s OK to have side chics.

She wrote:

Isn’t it funny how it’s okay for them to have #sidechicks but not okay for us to have #sideniggas ??? Application forms loading, however be prepared to sign a #sideniggacontract ???? #Goodmorning #Unicorns #justsaying


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