Viral photos of 13 year old boxer who died in the ring

Photos of Anucha Tasako, the 13 year old Thai boxer who died in the ring has gone viral. The young boxer died durning a charity fight.This has resulted in grief and outburst of anger in several quarters in Thailand and calls for a ban on fights between children in the brutal Muay Thai martial art.

AP reported that Smartphone footage of Anucha shown by local media captured the grim moment he hit the canvas as assistants quickly rushed into the ring to help the motionless Anucha, who fought under the alias Phetmongkol Sor Wilaithong.

He later died from a brain haemorrhage, according to police.

Domestic media said he had been fighting since he was eight and had competed in more than 150 bouts.

His opponent, Nitikron Sonde, is around the same age, police said. He took to Facebook to express his sorrow at the death.

“I regret it,” he posted on Tuesday, “but I have to do my duty to win so I can make enough money to sponsor myself through education.”

Boxing is popular in Thailand. Most boxers usually start at a very young age.But the involvement of kids who sometimes start under 10 years of age in bouts that use kicks and elbows to the head — often without headguards — has stirred frequent criticism.


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