I don’t care who the best rapper is anymore – Vector Talks Beef MI

I don't care who the best rapper is anymore - Vector Talks Beef MI

It has always been who’s the best rapper in Nigeria. Some may vote vector as the best while others may vote Mr Incredible, MI Abaga.

Both rappers have built their brand over the years and a lot of people in Nigeria and outside Nigeria have been able to connect with their versatility in Rap music. A collaboration from both rappers is what the hip hop culture in Nigerian looks forward to, unfortunately, we don’t see that coming.

Vector who has now decided to call it quit fighting for the best rapper position, revealed in a recent interview on Entertainment Splash, that he’s cool with MI even though they may not share same views on different issues.

“I don’t see myself trying to fight for the best rapper position anymore. It’s a thing when you start rap. You want to kill any rapper.” He said.

When asked who the best rapper is now in Nigeria, he said;

“I don’t fight for it anymore, so I don’t care who that is anymore. Let the people have that argument if they want to, I just want to make music.

“Fighting for the best rapper position can derail you. When you’re focused on being the best, you are mostly going to make music about being the best. But when you’re focused on making good music, you’re only going to make good music or improve at the act of making good music.”


Speaking about being cool with MI, Vector said; 

“I may not agree with certain standpoints and views of people, but it doesn’t mean we’re not cool.”


Recall that Vector had called MI out over his ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’ song which he dropped in 2017.

Vector said it was disrespectful for MI Abaga to say rappers in South Africa are doing better than their counterparts in Nigeria.

MI rapped on the song; “None of you rappers is real enough/ once you blow up now you’re switching up/ that’s why these fans are not feeling yall/ SA rappers are killing yall.”

Reacting to the song in an interview with Cool FM, Vector said;

“It’s fine, you can call rappers wack, you can call them anything but I will stand by it any day any time, don’t wash your dirty linen in public.”

“Nobody should come and say that is why South African rappers are killing Nigerian rappers. That is such a huge thing to say. That takes it to another level. That is a super lie.

“Whoever is saying that knows that the South African environment… for example, I am there in SA and giving them bars, and the first thing I hear is where can I buy your music whereas the general public in Nigeria is where can I download your music.

There is a different culture. They have pushed hip hop to a level where the acceptance is very general.

“What are you doing to fix up other rappers’ lives to make that a culture as it is meant to be? Are you doing because you want relevance? Are you doing it because you want to make some noise?

“No offence, I don’t know what the moves are but the only problem I have with that song is you can’t say that’s why this region is killing this region. I don’t think it should be said. I think it is very disrespectful on a very very next level.”

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