Ofada Sauce, White Rice And Plantain (Recipe) | Wake Up Nigeria

Ofada Sauce, White Rice And Plantain (Recipe) | Wake Up Nigeria

Everybody desires a good meal, and sometimes, we prefer to go through the simple process for that special delicacy we crave. Here on Wake Up Nigeria, we bring to you the process of making white rice with ofada sauce and plantain. The ingredients needed are: Unripe chilly pepper Palm oil Locust bean Meat,Ponmo etc Plantain Groundnut oil Onions Spices White rice Find the quick steps below in this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vGyBc4dDZc&feature=youtu.be&a=    ...

'You Don't Own Your Children, So Don't Impose Yourself On Them' - Praise Fowowe

‘You Don’t Own Your Children, So Don’t Impose Yourself On Them’ – Praise Fowowe

As a parent, it could be really difficult to manage children that refuse to act ‘normal’ meaning children that do not make conventional and expected choices or that dare to be different. Author of the book - Out of the box parenting, Praise Fowowe was on TVC's Your View on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 to teach Parents how to balance their own beliefs and their children’s life choices as well as how to manage when children begin to dream other dreams different from what the Parents expect. To begin the conversation, Morayo asked how Parents can ensure that their children don't derail from what the society sees as normal. Praise responded that parents should understand that their children are going into a future that they do not understand and that the parents are most likely not going to be a part of. "You don't own a child, a child is a seed. You are just...

Primary School Teacher Arrested For Molesting 3 Students In Benue. Photos

School Teacher Arrested For Molesting 3 Primary Students In Benue

A teacher identified as Onuche Daniel, a staff with Divinity Care Nursery and Primary School in Makurdi, Benue State, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting three of his students sexually . The suspect who hails from Kogi State admitted to molesting Peace, who is 8 years old, 3 times, and also molesting Angbiandoo and Mimidoo. According to activist Ukan Kurugh, the first assault took place in the classroom, and the other two took place in the toilet. Onuche is currently being detained at the B-Division police station and will soon be transferred to State Police Headquarters in Makurdi. ...

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