First wife wife pours red oil on husband’s new bride

There was mild drama at a wedding ceremony over the weekend in Imo state where a man had taken his second wife to the alter only to find his first wife in attendance.

According to eyewitness report, the groom went to Apostolic church at Nkwo Orji in Owerri North area of the state to wed his second wife, but the church rejected him being that he is already married.

He didn’t relent. He reportedly moved to the Altar of Prayer Gospel ministry at Nkwo orji same owerri North where the pastor accepted to wed the couple.

Well on the deal day of the wedding which is reported to be on 25th of November, 2018, the first wife showed up with a bowl of red oil, and poured it on the second wife’s wedding gown.

“I was there life. All these ministries, make una take una time. Just because of money, you want to go against the word of God.” Eyewitness Lilian said.



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