Healthy Ways of Preserving Beans by Nutritionist, Dr. Folu Olatona

Dr. Folu Olatona

Stories of preserving beans with the SNIPER chemical, has gone round in recent times and to help us get over this fear, Consultant and Public health Physician, Dr Folu Olatona joined the ladies of Your View.


According to her, when sellers get their beans in stock, they ought to preserve them in air-tight containers which helps it to stay for a long time. They can also add Cameroon pepper, black pepper, red pepper, dry pepper.


As long as oxygen is not getting into the beans, it would be preserved and the weevils will not be allowed to thrive. Nitrogen can also be added in place of oxygen but that ought to be done by an expert. The chemicals in them selves are not bad, but excessive use of it is not appropriate. Ideally, you should not even buy a large quantity of beans at a time. Just buy the small quantity that you can store in air-tight containers at home.


Dr. Fola further enlightened us on an accurate way of checking for chemical in your beans, is to look at it and check for powder or any awful smell or dull look. You can also pour it in a bowl, pour water and stir for about 2 seconds. The chemical will come floating on top and you just know you can’t eat it. Soaking your beans overnight will help you to feel safe with eating it, if you remain unsure of the chemical properties.


You can also soak with hot water or with baking soda which acts fast in repelling the chemical. Furthermore, ensure to cook and boil it very well. Soaking it does not make you lose the nutrients at all. Study your body and digestive system to see what kind of beans your body can tolerate. Try to eat small portion of beans everyday.


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