How To Prepare Rejuvenated Rice and Dodo | Wake Up Nigeria

How To Prepare Rejuvenated Rice and Dodo | Wake Up Nigeria

This morning on Wake Up Nigeria, Chef Ofe taught us how to ‘wake up sleeping rice.’

This simply means how to enjoy leftover plain rice with a combination of veggies; creating fried rice from previously cooked rice. It’s a quick meal intended to help you not waste your rice, you’ll just be doing some frying and tossing together in less than 30 minutes.

Spring Onions
Grated Garlic
Green Peas
Meat stock
Sweet Corn
Red and Green Bell Peppers
Runner Beans
Cooked Rice

Rejuvenated Rice and Dodo

Step by step process:

Fry your previously boiled beef as well as your plantain.
Stir fry your onions and garlic, then add carrots, runner beans, bell peppers with the seasoning.
Turn in your cooked rice, batch by batch, and fry well.
Taste for extra seasoning and add if, necessary. (don’t forget the meat stock)
The last item to go in, is the sweet corn.
The peas will be used for garnishing because they are soft and we don’t want to overcook them.

See video for full tutorial:


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