Lagos State Government Facilitates Online Community Among Lagosians

The power of social media is the ability to connect/share information and the influence it has, cannot be overemphasized. The authorities of the Lagos Sate Government, having realized the power that social media carries, has made effort to build a virtual community to share authentic information.

The Commissioner for Information/Strategy, Honorable Kehinde Bamigbetan sat with Yomi and Titi, hosts of TVC’s Entertainment show, Wake Up Nigeria, to discuss how the Lagos state government has made effort to get the right kind of information to Lagosians.

Speaking on the show, He noted that “Information has changed in terms of the rapidity and sources of dissemination. It has becomes important for credible organisations to provide up to date, real time information. The Lagos state government recognizes how important it is to actively catch up with the rate at which social media platforms have become dominant.”



He further went on to explain how it is the responsibility of his Ministry to debunk rumors and spread the right information among Lagosians. Hence, the Lagos State website, which is not just to promote the activities of the Lagos State government but also to engage people on social media platforms and answer frequently asked questions.


According to Kehinde Bamigbetan to function in Lagos state, information is needed. The website doesn’t only promote Lagos state activities, it also gives information on how to plan your day/movement in Lagos state.


The official website is:
Facebook: @followlasg
Twitter: @followlasg
Instagram: lagosgovt

‘These platforms are currently running and we would encourage traffic to these platforms. 2.9 million out of the over 22 million Lagosians are active on social media, so we would encourage about 1 million to actively be a part of these platforms, where we share accurate information about Lagos and discourage rumors. We also put out not less than 20 press releases daily’, he added.

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