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Cheesy Chicken And Egg Hash

We can never get tired of potatoes and this time, we had them different from the regular.

Chef Demmy of Demmys Banquet got us started on a good meal for a beautiful morning with this easy to cook plate of ‘Cheesy Chicken And Egg Hash with a twist of Plantain.’

You need:

Irish Potatoes
Chicken Breast
Parmesan Cheese
Bacon Pellets
Green Pepper
Spring Onions
Black Pepper
Chili Sauce

Cheesy chicken


First, you have to season your already washed meat and cook both sides inside melted butter for about a minute or two.
Next, pan-fry your diced potatoes and plantain by giving them a simple fry in little melted butter and vegetable oil.
Add your bell peppers, bacon and chicken breast.
As well as your sauce and spices.
After it has cooked for a while, make little wells and pour your fresh egg, then let it cook together.
Video below contains a tutorial that can help you out:


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