Easy ‘Chicken Peanut Sauce’ Recipe. It’s Simple, Try It Out!

Chicken Peanut Sauce

So many people love to eat Chicken and that is why Chef Mary Jane brought us this ‘Easy Chicken Peanut Sauce’ Recipe on Wake Up Nigeria.

Chicken is rich in low fat protein which contributes to muscle growth and development. It is also good for the heart and has a very juicy and delicious taste. Peanut is roasted groundnut that has been blended.

Chicken Peanut Sauce

To make this special delicacy, parboil and cook the white rice with which you will enjoy the sauce.

Boil the chicken a bit without spices, to make it easy to dice into chunks. Blend your pepper, onions and get set your grounded pepper, sesame seed spring onions for garnishing. Also, remember to blend your already roasted groundnut; don’t add anything to it and give it a not too smooth blend.

Add a bit of your blended pepper, blended onions, seasoning and dry pepper to your diced chicken and mix it together before you start frying.

The short video below contains a step by step process of making this unique meal.


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