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Asun Peppered Rice

The holidays are here! And this quick meal is something you can enjoy in the morning. Chef Adepeju calls it special rice for the weather.

This meal is called the Asun Special Peppered Rice and is different from fried rice because it is strictly made of pepper, without tomatoes.

The Ingredients required are:

Goat Meat
Vegetable Oil
Green Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Red Pepper
White Pepper
Blended Crayfish
Scent Leaf
Goat Meat
Blended Pepper

Asun Peppered Rice

First boil your goat meat, seasoned with bay leaf, seasoning, onions, garlic and ginger.
Stir-fry grounded pepper, blended crayfish, scent leaf, curry, salt, seasoning, green, yellow, red bell peppers, onions and vegetable oil.
Next, add your already boiled goat meat into the stir-fry and fry well.
At this point, mix the fried mixture with the already boiled white rice and your Asun Peppered Special Rice is ready to eat.

Find easy step by step process in the video below:


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