Davido Wanted in The Gambia After Shattering Photographer’s Skull and Lips

Davido Wanted in The Gambia After Shattering Photographer’s Skull and Lips

A case of assault has been reported against the award-winning music icon, Davido at the Kololi Police post in the Gambia.

According to Enquirermag, the OBO crooner who had a good show at the Gambia spoilt everything with his unbearable temper as he broke the head and tore the lips of one of Gambia’s notable celebrity photographers identified as Kenny Egbuke.

Davido who began to smoke the moment he entered the club requested for food and it was while he was eating that the trouble really started.

A young lady who obviously was his fan had approached him for a selfie while he was eating, we were told the lady had taken a few shots before going close to him and this did not go down well with Davido who sent her back shouting at her.

This, according to the source was what picked the celebrity photographer’s interest who tried to talk to Davido to take it easy with the lady since some star-struck ladies can be exuberantly aggressive, especially when they see a big star like Davido.

This was what sparked everything as the celebrity photographer’s advice further aggravated the temper of the rich music star and the next thing we learned he did was throwing his very thick and heavy cognac glass directly at him with a full force shattering his lips and skull.

It was learned he even attempted to break the Hennessey bottle on his head had his bouncers hadn’t saved the day.

There was pandemonium everywhere as Davido was said to leave with all his entourage moments after.

However, there’s an indication that, the international police might be involved to find a way of bringing Davido back into The Gambia going by the weight of the violence and injury.


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