Charly Boy reacts to the newly opened Fulani radio station

Musician, Charly Boy has taken to Instagram to state his reservations about the Fulani Radio Broadcast Station license that was acquired by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Recently, Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, said that the Federal Government acquired an Amplitude Modulation radio broadcast license to reach herdsmen across various locations in the country as parts of measures to enhance nomadic education.

He added that the establishment of the radio frequency was to put an end to the endless farmers-herders crises across the country.


Reacting to this development,  Charly Boy wrote:

OBJ was President for 8 years him no set up Oduduwa radio. GEJ was President for 5 years,
there was no Niger Delta radio.. Buhari President, under 4 years has opened Fulani radio… Where do you think all of this is heading to.
My people, these people don enter our 18. Let’s all adjust ourselves.
I smell a truck load of wahala coming.


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