Blessing Okoro/Onye Eze’s Controversy! Who was wrong?

Relationship expert and blogger, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro popularly known as Blessing CEO was earlier arrested after taking photos in a luxury mansion she claimed she completed to celebrate her birthday.

Blessing’s arrest could be traced back to when the ‘Breakup or Makeup’ founder posted a photo of herself in a building which she alleged she built few years after her ex-husband threw her out of his 1 bedroom apartment.

However, few days after her post on social media, the real owner of the house where she took the photo attacked her.

In a voice note obtained by Instablog, the China-based owner, referred to the blogger as “stupid” for using his house to deceive people on Instagram.

Also, another young man who claims to be a friend to the real owner of the house has shared video proof. Orji_wire on Instagram shared a video of the alleged real owner with his mother standing in the compound of the house with his mother as they celebrated ownership of the building.

They also reported that two residents of estate also stated that Blessing only went to the house to take pictures and proceed to the uncompleted house beside it to take another picture which she passed across as “before and after” pictures.

The blogger in a bid to countered the claim of her house belonging to someone else, shared a video of the interior in the house and went further to share video proof showing the building plan of her new home on Instagram.

In a recent update to the saga, Blessing got arrested by the real owner of the house identified as Onye Eze, an Igbo business man based in China.

In a video showing her arrest, the BOM founder can be seen crying and begging for forgiveness as she was led out in handcuffs. She confessed that the house belongs to Onye Eze and not to her as she claimed. #BlessingOkoro #OnyeEze #FakeHouse

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