Lady blasts Regina Daniel’s mother, calls her “a greedy piece of crap”

A Nigerian Feminist simply known as Omo Chioma took to social media to curse Regina Daniels’ mother out. She blames Regina’s mother, Rita Daniels for using her daughter as a cash cow for her poverty stricken self.

She called Rita a “greedy piece of crap”.

Her post:

Mama REGINA. A greedy piece of crap. A woman who should have been barren. A certified slut. Yes quote me anywhere.

If you are on my list of friends and u see this as great that a man of 62 will have a go at a 17 year old then i daresay you are a BEAST. A CLOSET PAEDOPHILE and a sick IDIOT. A POVERTY STRICKEN, LACK-OF-SCRUPULES, excuse for a human.

I feel for the little girl who instead of being introduced to a PEN was handed an overgrown, wrinkled PENIS at such a tender age by a Mother who is as useless as they come.

Feminist Blast Regina Daniels

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