Mc Galaxy Appreciates Ubi Franklin with a 3million Naira cheque for helping him with his rent 7years ago

Singer MC Galaxy who recently gift his producer Tspize a brand new Benz, is at it again, this time around he is showing appreciation to Ubi Franklin with a 3m cheque for assisting him with is rent 7years ago.

This life is funny, seven years ago I needed help to pay house the total I needed was 350k. So I asked a lot people for help, and no one could help me, so one of those days I went to Ubi Franklin house that I needed help with rent and he gave me 100k and cloths and I was able to hustle money to add and pay my rent, because at the time 100k then meant a lot to me it was 10 million Naira to me, so every time I had a new song to drop I will go to him and play for him “ I go Calabar” to “Sekem” etc. So I know I cannot pay him back for the favors and values but this is a token of appreciation to say thank you for everything.





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