4 powerful ways to control fear – Life coach, Alex A. Adefemi (Triple A)

Fear isn’t a bad guy, he’s just doing his job. Fear is an emotion that indicates something around is threatening you.


It’s no new thing that fear has stopped many from carrying out their day to day goals and has also killed big dreams. People experience fear in the most awkward moments. Sometimes people have the feeling of fear when they’re made to stand in front of people to give a speech, during interviews…. The big question is “HOW DO YOU OVERCOME FEAR?”


Life coach, Alex A. Adefemi fondly called (Triple A) has listed 4 ways to overcome fear whenever you have the feeling. According to him, whenever you feel fear, what’s wrong at that point is, people give themselves to that emotion that’s why it makes them unsuccessful with whatever goal or plan they had. So here are 4 things to do when you feel fear;


  1. Stop yourself – It helps you take control of the situation
  2. Identify the emotion – What are you feeling? You need to know in order to work on it.
  3. Why am I feeling afraid? When you realise WHY?
  4. Take action to alleviate the fear. 


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