Spice Up Your Avocado, Prepare Varieties Of Healthy Avocado Toast

Varieties Of Healthy Avocado Toast

Chef Sally taught us this morning, how we can use Avocado in different ways.

Here are 5 ways of making Healthy Avocado Toast Varieties making use of these ingredients:

Peanut Butter
Cherry Tomatoes
Black Pepper
Lemon Juice

Prepare the avocado Mix i.e mix the avocado with salt, black pepper, taprika pepper and a bit of lime to activate the flavors.
While boiling your eggs in a pot, begin to toast the bread in a heated pan for a few seconds
Next, spread a little amount of peanut butter on the bread followed by the avocado mix and then, a bit of tuna chunks and top it up with some Piquat Celeri. These ingredients have very amazing nutritional benefits, they have powerful antioxidant that help the immune system and help with weight loss too.

The second variety – Peanut butter, avocado and a bit of raddish.

The 3rd variety – Mix salt and black pepper in a pan of little melted butter and add your broken eggs. Add the scrambled eggs on the bread with the avocado.

Everything is layered with peanut butter and avocado. Banana and chocolate syrups, scrambled eggs, tuna, piquat cileri, boiled eggs.


See tutorial video below:

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