Nollywood Actor Seun Ajayi, an active member and a church worker at COZA, quits the church with his family

The actor took to his Instagram page to address pastor Fatoyinbo’s right-hand man, Pastor Flo of the Lagos branch of COZA, as he quits COZA with his family.

Addressing Pastor flo, the Nollywood actor wrote;

Dear Pastor Flo, I write you this with teary eyes. In the first service I ever attended at COZA (while we were at Sheraton) I can say that you are the main reason why I wanted to come back. Your way of breaking down God’s word really left me in awe. How you would use humour to address some of the most dire issues in people’s lives. Sigh. Today, where we find ourselves is a painful crossroad. We are in a place where loyalties have us torn. I understand that you are a man under authority, but we were under yours. Can we be real here and tell you sir, that you have let us down. Your name has come up in the two major stories that made the rounds. The Ese Walters story and Busolas as well. In those narrations the pattern is that you have protected PB in the midst of these things.
Sir! I don’t know what really happened, I was not present, these accounts allude to an organisation that sweeps these things under the carpet without doing anything about it.
When Ese laid her accusations, you offered us no counsel on how to deal with it, some of your most trusted, loyal and hardworking leaders in COZA Lagos carried a burden for many years, they continued to serve the vision and most importantly, God in COZA. Recently, in droves they started to leave COZA all together, because of the imbalance of Loyalty, there have also been gaps in information supplied.

Pastor Flo, the truth is that the world is watching us, there are questions on the lips of our children and there is the Holy Spirit that we all need to answer to.
There is so much going on in the air about COZA right now, what will you do? Will you still be silent, will that be the Christian thing to do, who is the more important person to be loyal to. PB or JC Jesus Christ?
I leave you to think deeply about these things. I cannot imagine what you are feeling right now, but I am praying for you. As for me and my family, we will no longer be attending COZA anywhere in the world.
Your son
S. Ajayi



Seun Ajayi had earlier demanded a response on the rape allegation from Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo few days ago.

Addressing Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo few days ago, he wrote:

Dear Pastor @biodunfatoyinbo In 2013 I joined @Cozaglobal , it was a new experience, it was a place where my faith was built, a place where things were so excellently done, a place of the supernatural. Your teachings and impartation changed several aspects of my life. Your investments no doubt have affected my life positively. This morning though, I am torn. I have some questions sir.

I have heard about the accusations, I have been embattled with my faith. In Ese’s time your response was that a comprehensive response is coming, we still await it sir.
Sir, this time there is another allegation, and this woman @BusolaDakolo says that you raped her when she was 17. Sir we need these questions answered, we need reassurance from the same pulpit we need you to say something.
I am in the COZA workforce, my job in assimilation is to ‘pastor’ new comers for the first three months after attendance. How do I do this duty with all these questions hanging? How do I invite people that I know for the upcoming 7 Days Of Glory? If you remain silent on this sir, it would mean that you completely disregard the mantle of leadership over your flock. And If the church doesn’t need it, then I do.
If the COZA leadership doesn’t say anything to us about it then what is the point? I will surely stand up for what is proper! For what is right. We must be accountable!

@BusolaDakolo has bravely risked everything to come out with what is her truth. I truly salute her courage. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.


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