Rev. Esther Ajayi Reacts To Daddy Freeze’s Advise To Churches That Pray For Enemies To Die

Rev. Esther Ajayi Reacts To Daddy Freeze's Advise To Church

London based white garment church founder, Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi cleared a lot of misconceptions and also shook lots of tables on today’s episode of  YOUR VIEW.

She opened the conversation with a reaction to Daddy Freeze’s recent comment where he said: PRAYING FOR YOUR ENEMIES TO DIE IS ANTI-CHRIST IN NATURE. In defense of the comment, she retorted: “Why will you pray for your enemies to die, who then will  celebrate you? If you do unique things, people will hate you, so love them anyways”.

The Reverend Mother, who was involved in the treatment of Baba Suwe’s illness earlier this year, also called out ‘above-average’ Nigerians who constantly visit white garment churches for prayers, secretly, receive the miracles they want but would refuse to be identified with these same white garment churches in public:

“There are a lot of hypocrites that wouldn’t want to identify with white garment church, but seek prayers secretly from us. You see them crawl to us at night for prayers and rush to other Pentecostal churches in the morning, dancing and screaming. They are all deceivers.”



Speaking on the recent scandals and allegations going on in Churches these days, Rev. Esther Ajayi of The Love Of Christ Generation Church said: “When it comes to issues like this, the body of Christ (Christian Associations) should come together & pray together. The Bible says sins confessed are sins forgiven. If you commit a sin and you don’t own up to it, how will God forgive you?? You would easily recognize genuine repentance. Your pastor is not a super man, he is someone that has been placed to be in charge of the Church. We must not ignore our spirit of discernment. Because a man became born again does not mean he should not see a boob when it’s opened, he’s not blind! If he is not matured enough spiritually, that is when his flesh would influence him. Only God would help us!”


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