R. Kelly fears for his safety in prison

Popular R&B singer, R.Kelly earlier this weekend begged to be locked in solitary confinement as he fears for his life in prison.

The 52-year-old singer believes his life will be in danger if he is kept with the general prisoners. After being refused bail, Kelly wants to be kept away from inmates who may want to teach him a lesson for his alleged crimes.

During a visit, Kelly, 52, told his lawyer Nicole Blank Becker, that he believes his life would be in danger if he was housed in general population, according to TMZ.

R Kelly Sexual Assult Accusations Mugshot



But she expressed concern over the singer’s inability to read or write and said that he wouldn’t have anyone to help him.




The judge denied Kelly bail after prosecutors allegedly got hold of the alleged sex tapes at the centre of the probe, which they claim show Kelly having sex with underage girls.

Prosecutor Angel Krull told the judge that “if Kelly was attracted to middle school girls in 1999 then he’s still attracted to middle school girls”

R. Kelly will be flown to New York to face felony charges, according to the Chicago Tribune. The singer will be transported from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago ahead of an arraignment on August 2.

For the uninitiated, Kelly is facing two separate federal cases related to his many years of alleged sexual misconduct with underaged girls. In Illinois, he recently plead not guilty to thirteen counts related to the making and procuring of child pornography. The case alleges that Kelly made videotapes of himself having sex with underage girls and then went to great lengths to recover tapes that had made it out into the wider world.

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