Video: See how a lady assaulted her boyfriend for looking at other women on a plane

A woman lost it on a flight that she assaulted her boyfriend for looking at other women.

Passengers on the American Airlines were stunned when the woman smashed a laptop over her boyfriend’s head after accusing him of “looking at other women.”


“Yeah you better believe it, I wear the fucking nuts when we’re in public,” the woman shouts at her boyfriend. “You wanna fucking try to look at other women?”

At this point, a flight attendant informs her that there was a child sitting in the seat behind her to which she responds: “I already know. I consoled that fucking child.”

WATCH VIDEO: Woman assaults boyfriend for looking at other women on a plane

She went on to say that the flight attendants were overreacting and her boyfriend was “the fucking problem.”

She then hits her boyfriend, who is apparently called “Memo”, and he gets up to move seats telling her, “You’re assaulting me man,” to which she replies, “Oh, I’m assaulting you?”

As he moves down the aisle she hurriedly follows him grabs her laptop and smashes it over Memo’s head. She gets back to her seat to grab her bag, ignoring the flight attendants telling her to leave the plane.

When another member of the staff told her that she was going to be charged with assault, she responded by saying “Fine, whatever.”

American Airlines released a statement about the incident, confirming that there was a “dispute” prior to take-off from Miami International to Los Angeles and that the the two individuals were removed from the plane. The airline said to ask Miami-Dade Police Department for more information about the incident. WATCH VIDEO HERE

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