“If he cheats, you cheat” – Women conference poster goes viral

A poster of a women’s conference which is slated to hold in September, causes a stir on social media.

The controversial women’s seminar has caused serious outrage online with the tag; “He cheats, you cheat”

The poster is said to boost women’s self esteem by encouraging them to cheat on their men if he does cheat on them.

Twitter user Shekhetho said: “Ladies. This seminar is the one. Not about Women of Strength, Women of Virtue, Women of Substance, etc”


While another social media user named Sheconquerss said: “I’m definitely attending” The men, however, did not seem to find the humour.”

A Twitter user, Kabelodic, said: “Ish I hope the name of the seminar is a metaphor please. Lord your daughters are starting to scare us”

Chris_Mayimele said: “Sounds like a seminar of witches”

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