Man shields his girlfriend from open gunfire in Dayton

24 year old Camryn Crowder was one of the heroes of last weekend’s shooting in Dayton that left 9 people dead.

Crowder was seen in the viral video using his own body to shield his girlfriend from open gunfire after she fell while they were fleeing from the scene.

“I saw people getting hit. I literally saw them fall…”. “I was certain that I was going to be next in line, really, at some point.” Crowder said.

At one point in the video, he was seen moving his girlfriend towards a section of the sidewalk that appears to be partially walled off while steadily checking to see if the shooter was still nearby. Crowder later helped his girlfriend up while they quickly escaped from the scene when it was clear.

The Dayton shooter Connor Betts killed nine people before he was shot and killed by police.

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TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #TSRLoveJonez: While some of y’all are surrounding yourselves with men who want you to participate in using cucumbers for anything other than a salad, this woman’s boyfriend was her real life hero during the Dayton shooting. ____________________________________ As we’ve previously reported, there was a terrible mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio the other day where 9 people were killed. As he and his girlfriend were running away from the shots being fired, Camryn Crowder had his girlfriend’s back—literally—when she tripped and fell. Camryn proceeded to jump on top of his girl to shield her from the shots being fired a few yards away. _____________________________________ Camryn was on a mission to make the two of them—mainly her—less of a target when they fell to the ground. “It was really about me getting her out of the way, making sure that she was safe” he tells @cbsnews. _____________________________________ “I saw people getting hit. I literally saw them fall…I was certain that–click the link in our bio to read more 🎥: @cbsnews

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