Actor reprimands Seyi Law: ‘Do not joke over sensitive topics’

Actor Samuel Otigba recently called out some Nigerian comedians on their habit of joking about sensitive topics including ra’pe, se’xism and disability.


In a thread shared on his Twitter page, the actor stated that he was recently at a show and Nigerian comedian Seyi Law, joked about the case of Busola Dakolo which in his opinion was literally wrong. Otigba also berates other comedians who body shame people just to make jokes.

Actor Samuel Otigba has called out Nigerian comedians who make it an obligation to joke about sensitive topics. In a lengthy post shared on Twitter, the actor shared some ‘insensitive jokes’ he heard while he attended a show recently and he advised that comedians should quit going that route every time they get on stage to perform.

Otigba who experienced first hand how these Nigerian comedians play a major role in downplaying vices such as ra’pe, se’xism and body shaming by making jokes about it stated that such topics are not to be made light of whether it will make people laugh or not.

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