‘98.5% of Nigerians are arrogantly ignorant’ – Charly Boy

Entertainer and Social Engineer Charly Boy pointed out that about ‘98.5% of Nigerians are arrogantly ignorant’ in a recent interview with the hosts of Entertainment Splash on TVC.

Charly Boy stated that Nigeria is currently a mess and we deserve better. Unless we know and do better, we can’t have better. 98.5% of Nigerians are arrogantly ignorant, while ‘98% are mumu’s, possibly factory fitted mumu’.

“The democracy we have today is of the people against the people instead of people for the people. The youths are ignorant of everything and their not coming out to seek adequate accountability of the governance over them is absolutely sickening. Instead, they all go out on the media to live fantasy and fake lives, which I see as a mess.”

When asked about his youthful look, Charly Boy replied:

 ‘I edit everything that hangs in my space, I watch what I eat, I work out, monitor people I hang out with and those that come into my space so as to stay healthy and fresh. Because most persons are like mess coming into your life to mess it up and as such you really should be careful with such people. Hanging out with positive minds and the right set of people is always a vibe for me.’

‘Area Fada’ further stated that he is old school and still struggling with social media because he has a thousand and one things to do, so people shouldn’t think that he is done as an entertainer. He also came out to compliment Nigerian artiste Falz  saying he has something hot he cooked with the sensational singer/Actor, soon to be served. ‘Watch the space and anticipate a banger’ was his response when he was asked about his recent togetherness with Singer Falz.


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