‘Acting is not as lucrative as it seems, it doesn’t pay my bills’ – Tayo Sobola

Acting is not as lucrative as it seems - Tayo Sobola

Cheating can be said to be an emotional assault on the partner who is not involved, nowadays cheating is seen as normal in the modern society between couple who haven’t shared marital vows or just involved in a mere relationship, some even say it is not cheating unless it is a marriage.

Tayo Sobola, a renowned Yoruba Nigerian actress was present on today’s episode of Your View. She started by talking about her acting career and how it mobilized from English to Yoruba. according to her, it wasn’t easy but there were high demands for her in Yoruba movies.

The actress stated she has a movement for the physically challenged specifically the blind and what motivated her was wondering how they survive, noting also that they are very talented.

Sotayo also weighed in on the hot topic discussion: ‘why do women cheat?’ She pointed out that the main reason is attention! “You are likely to cheat when you don’t have your partner with you as the available becomes the desirable”.

Yeni Kuti however mentioned that women cheat due to financial problems as the husband might not be capable enough and most times can’t do anything about it. She also added sex and orgasm as one of the reasons. ‘If the man can’t take to the glory, she will cheat’.

Obiajulu emphasized to women that it is easy to find your spec especially if that’s what your job entails: “You will find someone that fits” but you need to have strong commitment not to cheat which most women don’t have because they aren’t strong or the bond isn’t strong enough.

Speaking on the income she’s making from acting as opposed to her business, Sotayo insisted that acting is not as lucrative as people think it is. She explained that the bulk of her expenses is sorted by her business proceeds, not her acting career. Watch full video below:

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