I have never done a movie where I revealed more than my shoulder – Binta Ayo Mogaji

I don't wash my husband's clothes nor mine either - Binta Ayo Mogaji

Nigerian actress and veteran, Binta Ayo Mogaji-Oduleye, is a pace setter who has won many awards and performed both on stage and screen in Nollywood.

She weighed in on the topic today on Your View which centered on Nudity as a marketing strategy. Ma’ Binta started by saying using nudity as a marketing strategy depends on what you are selling but she doesn’t encourage nudity as it is “imbibing a culture that is not ours”. She argued that nudity has to do with your pedigree as it can have a negative effect on your image and standards, “I have never done a movie where I revealed more than my shoulder”.

She concluded the topic by saying “Nakedness is not a selling point”. The actress was then asked why she wasn’t really on the screen these days, she replied by saying she has been busy and not so much of a social media actress where people can see her and know what is going on but there are more projects on  the way.

Mrs. Binta gave the reason as to why her generation didn’t seem to be financially affluent. She emphasized that it depends on how good you are and what your definition of success is. She added that the new generation of actresses don’t just make their money from films but other sources that they don’t disclose.







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