#MondayMotivation: Why you should always try again- Fola Daniels

‘Getting a NO from someone doesn’t mean you are doing bad, sometimes it means you are selling to the wrong person or market.’- Motivational speaker, Fola Daniels.

Fola Daniels Adelesi shared his insight on ‘why you should always try again’ on today’s episode of #WakeUpNigeriaOnTVC.


Fola stated that we should understand who we are and move in the right direction. He was of the opinion that the NO’S will keep coming, as such it shouldn’t weigh you down instead change your approach and strategies in selling your ideas and business.

 ‘We need to understand that we should always try again, when something isn’t working, don’t give up, instead,  find something that keeps you going and could literally fetch you funds.’ – Fola Daniels


Motivational Speaker Fola Daniel stated certain questions we should ask ourselves when we are selling and getting the NO reply;

  • Am I at the right place?
  • Am I selling to the right people?


He used himself as an example saying he has been discouraged severally but never gave up, we should inculcate the habit of keeping the right set of people around us and things that encourage us around.  “Keep people around you who believe in you, they would constantly remind you that you are not a failure and help you to see how you can improve. If the people around you don’t encourage you, you have no business keeping them.”


The host, Yomi then asked: ‘should you go back to where you have gotten a NO before? ‘

Fola Daniel said YES! You should go back and this time with a new drive, new incentives bearing in mind that your going back is to add value.


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