Learn the easy secret of multitasking

Motivational speaker Alex Ade Adefemi shared quite some experience with us on ‘How to multi-task like a pro.

I once asked a billionaire mentor a question sometime ago: How do you run a multi million naira organization and you are not there to see to the affairs of the organization? He said you have to learn how to supervise and delegate.

By delegating Alex said the billionaire gives you what to do and a said time to work and meet up with it, when that is not done then he/she isn’t up for the task.

‘Multi tasking is about doing it one at a time not all at a time, and with that you will definitely excel.’ – Alex Ade Adefemi

Alex Ade Adefemi stated that the thing with multitasking is that people think it is all about doing many things at the same time. A classic multi-tasker is a ‘mother’ who cook, clean, attend to the child and answer a phone call all at the same time.

Here are a few motivational message from Alex Ade Adefemi:

  • The key to multitasking is taking it one step at a time, not everything at a time. That way it enhances your productivity.
  • If you try to do too many things all at once it will definitely reduce your productivity. While many add multitasking as strength on their CV not knowing it’s a weakness.
  • Find out what is a must for you and focus on your priorities. Sequence your activities, learn how to say NO sometimes. People who run businesses or SMEs should particularly learn to delegate and supervise.



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