Food recipe: Bread Like Sushi Kebab

Chef Nathaniel brings us a recipe from Japan to warm up our appetite, a breakfast you can easily try at home. He names this one  ‘BREAD-LIKE SUSHI KEBAB! YUMMY’

– Egg
– Milk
– Garlic
– Chicken
– Plantain
– Cinnamon
– Vegetables
– Slice bread
– Bell peppers
– Black pepper
– Spring onions
– Nutmeg
– Shredded carrot
– Lettuce




  • Spice the chicken with black pepper, salt and nutmeg, then fry.
  • On the bread  & mixed egg/milk add cinnamon for a particular flavor.
  • We start with the bread by chopping off the edges.
  • Next, we roll the bread up to flatten it
  • Spread the mixed egg/milk on the bread, then fry that part for a while
  • Fry the plantain and chicken, after which we add them on the fried bread, add the lettuce and the shredded carrot with other vegetables
  • Next, we roll it up and fry again
  • Then our Japanese recipe is ready. You can attempt this at home and you won’t regret it.





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