Would you subscribe to the 2-child policy? | Your View

The ladies of  Your View discussed the hot topic concerning  ‘A twitter user who said that the 2-child policy should be implemented till this poverty crisis is addressed.‘  Morayo asked the ladies if they agreed?  Is it really a major solution to eradicate poverty in the country? Did the policy work for countries who practiced it?

Obiajulu was of the opinion that the 2-child policy will work because of some rich guys not wanting to have more than one or two kids. It takes more than finances to take care of these kids, these children needs emotional attention.

Mariam stated that it is a fancy idea which she loved, but implementing is where the problem lies. It will be fantastic if our problem was population problem,  unfortunately, corruption is the problem where some individuals claim some resources here in Nigeria as their personal properties.


Obiajulu added that It might work here in our nation because a typical African woman love kids and would want have new born child continually.

Yeni also pointed that the government should really work on the system, why won’t a man pounce on his wife towards having another kid, after returning from work frustrated, no light at home etc.


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