Read the beautiful message from Alex to TeddyA and BamBam as they wed

Former BBNaija housemate and close friend of BamBam, Alexandra aka Alex Unusual shared some beautiful photos of the newly wedded couple and posted a beautiful message to go with it. Alex, who is currently in the US on a study trip missed the wedding of her very good friend, Bambam.

She wrote’

“One day, the lord said , “turbulence 🌊 you shall encounter but this ship 🛳 must get to it’s destination as I’m the captain 👨‍✈️ if only you promise not to listen to any of the mamiwater🌬 that’s in the ocean, you promise to settle your misunderstandings before it gets out of the ship 💏, you promise to be patient (Bem smiles), you promise to listen (Teddy smiles), you promise not to let go of each other as this ride won’t be easy at all👫.
#Bam: Papi, can we go this ?🤔
Teddy: I’ve got you babe. 🤝
Bam: we are ready lord 💪🏽. (And they held onto each other and got to the promised land). #love

They have graduated from ship, This is now a beautiful island 🌴. #bamteddy#bamteddyisland”


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