What’s your score card on the Governors’ 100 days in office? | Your View

Last Friday, some Governors celebrated their 100 days in office. It was a topic on the show of  Your View  where the ladies of the show aired their respective opinions. Morayo opened the conversation with series of questions;

‘We would like to hear your thoughts on the Governors in your state. What have you noticed? What have they done? What’s your score card of your Governor after a hundred days in office?’

Obiajulu commended the Ogun State Governor for his movement to invest in the state’s healthcare system and ensure preventive health care than a curative system.

Morayo brought the conversation home by asking the host on their observations in Lagos state.

I didn’t expect the level of change and growth that we have experienced so far in the Apapa area of Lagos. The quick response of the Lagos state Gov and his deputy, is a huge relief on the residents of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.Nyma

I have a question for the governor of Lagos state, ‘Why do we still have bikes on the highways? Is there no law to sanction ‘one-way’ traffic offenders?’- Tope

The government should implement policy changes, it will go a long in the development of Lagos state. – Tope



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