Now that you have paid your child’s school fees, what next?

Happy School fees season, parents! Mum/blogger, Jayne Augoye shared her insight in partnering with your child’s teacher. We cannot emphasize enough the fact that you need to find out who your child’s teacher is and maintain a constant relationship with them.

Jayne Augoye pointed out some important benefits of good communication with your child’s teacher:


  • Visit your child’s school. Monitor your child’s progress through them. Liaise with them to give your child the proper upbringing.
  •  Have their phone number and communicate with them often.
  •  Get in contact with the teacher so as to follow up on the child’s growth, attitude towards learning and difficulty in study areas.
  • Consistently communicate with the child’s teacher & school bus driver to create good relationships to help improve your child.

Enjoy parenting clip from 1:13:45 to 1:22:45 in video below:


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