Prices of foodstuff & other commodities Increases as borders remain partially closed | Your View

Prices of foodstuff and other commodities have increased with borders remaining partially closed, as a result of joint exercise aimed at securing Nigeria’s borders. On a phone conversation to discuss the issue with the ladies of  Your View was PRO, Nigeria Customs Service, Joseph Atah.

PRO, Nigeria Customs Service, Joseph Atah on the phone with the ladies of Your View emphasized that once the security of the country has been breached or affected, the priority of security officials is to first maximize every means to protect the country and its citizens.

Tope asked Mr. Joseph Atah if it was a wise decision to close down the borders? Because if that’s the case, bankers would have closed down the bank for a robbery attack in the bank or one with headache  would have cut off his/her head:

‘It’s not a total closure, it’s a partial closure! We know that it would come with some inconveniences but the ultimate focus is the security of the nation more than food!‘ ~ Joseph Atah

 ‘Smuggling isn’t a career and nobody should be making a living off smuggling’.- Tope





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