Ubi franklin narrates how he planned to take his life in 2017

Nigerian entrepreneur and CEO of MMMG record label, Ubi Franklin took to social media to share a memory from a time when he battled with depression and thought of taking his life.

It appeared that the triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin has been in a tell-all mood of late.
Just recently, he opened up about his struggles with depression. Ubi who shared a photo of himself looking dapper in a white Tuxedo, revealed that he was depressed at the time of taking the photo and wanted it to be one of his last photos on earth.

He wrote: “April 23rd 2017 after this photoshoot I wanted this to be the last pictures I will take in my life. On this day I was depressed out of my mind and wanted to take my life. Today I am grateful to God I didn’t. Whatever you are going through now I promise you it’s a phase, keep pushing it will pass.”


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