Monday Motivation on ‘How to start a winning day’ | WakeUp Nigeria

Motivational speaker, Alex Adeyemi shed some insight on ‘HOW TO START A WINNING DAY’ in a short time frame of about 10-15 mins. Here are some basic Monday motivational tips on ‘starting a winning day’:

  • Hydrate regularly,especially when you get off bed
  • Try to exercise a little in the morning, rather than rush to the bathroom. It helps reduce tension & improve your productivity.
  • Drink water regular (Room temperature preferably)
  • If you can, take a quick breakfast.
  • Identify the most pivotal goal for the day that would have an effect on your productivity for the day
  • Prayers & meditation


‘I know that majority of us must be very busy due to the nature of our jobs, if you can’t have 10-15 mins to yourself, then you’re in slavery.You can’t perform at your peak without this daily routines of wake, pray and meditate.’ -Alex Adeyemi


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