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Public Health Expert, Mr. Tuyi Mebawondu joined the ladies of Your View to discuss the forms of allergy. Morayo introduced the topic by stating that there a lot of us who are allergic to different kinds of stuff in one way or the other and are totally oblivious to it. Allergies exist in many different forms, and we might be surprised to learn different types of Allergies there are.

Mr. Tuyi Mebawondu pointed out that allergy has become a serious issue worldwide, it has affected school attendance, work place and economic of individuals. Having over 250 million people to food allergies, 10% reacting to drug allergy in the nation and the list goes on. Allergies can be genetic also.



Mr. Tuyi Mebawondu described allergy as the body’s inappropriate reaction to otherwise harmless things in the environment. The immune system plays an important role in rejecting certain things that are harmless and throws some reaction to those things.

Allergen is the sole cause of allergy, we so neglected food allergies without knowing that these sophistication in the preparations of these foods, which is why people feel bloated most times after eating. He also pointed out various forms of allergy:

  • Food allergy
  • Perfume
  • sneezing
  • watery eye
  • Dust
  • Drugs




The droppings of cockroaches is very allergic to the skin and airways. If you notice any allergy of any sort, run away from it.- Dr. Tuyi Mebawondu

‘That something is natural doesn’t mean it has no side effects. We should be very careful out there.’ – Dr. Tuyi Mebawondu



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