Cell phone use can double or triple the weight of one’s head & strain the neck | Your View

Report has it that cell phone use can double or triple the weight of one’s head and can strain the neck. Physiotherapist, Jennifer Eze, joined the ladies YourView to enlighten us on how to maintain a good posture.

There are proper ways to position your phones and still maintain a good posture to avoid strained neck and spine injury:

  • Placing the phone at face level, gives the spine proper alignment.
  • Awareness is important to avoid irregular sitting position
  • Cautiousness with sitting positions
  • Avoid slouching when seated
  • When sleeping the pillow should support the head and the neck
  • keeping fit helps the core muscles, range of motion around the spine


If you’re lying on your side, you can support yourself with a pillow under your knee. Lying on your stomach is not advised, it strains your back and neck. ~ Dr. Jennifer Eze

‘Even in the infamous Lagos traffic, you can improve your posture. If the traffic gets too heavy and it’s not moving, you can alight, stretch out, rotate your shoulders and do the ‘ankle pump exercise”. ~ Jennifer Eze