We can’t lead others, If we don’t have self control & emotional intelligence – Abiola salami

Motivational speaker, Abiola Salami, takes us through Emotional Intelligence and anger control.

He started off by saying that, Emotional intelligence is very important because it is all about having full control of our emotions and having self control as we grow.

Abiola also pointed that if we don’t have this self control and mastery of emotional intelligence then we can’t lead others as a lot of people are interested in becoming leaders.

Abiola Salami described Emotional Intelligence as your ability as an individual to know yourself and manage yourself, your ability to know others and manage them likewise.

Being able to manage your anger is key, as it is in managing pressure. Pressure tends to bring out the real you and put your emotional intelligence into taste.

He also advised that discovering that which pushes us to anger is important, when we discover it working around it is helps too.



Walking away or keeping quiet is super important as it helps to putting every situation in place when angry.


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