If bleaching will help your career, please bleach. ~ Samuel Olatunji to Nollywood actors

PR specialist & Filmmaker, Samuel Olatunji also know as Big Sam,  was a guest on Entertainment Splash, where he shared his experience on working with some celebrities, stating how it contributed in his growth today and dishing out a few words to actors.

Big Sam  highlighted he is super passionate about what he does in managing stars, adding that he doesn’t think it’s a smart thing for manager & PR people to struggle for spotlight with the people they project. He added that his reason being in front of the camera today is because of his business.

Samuel Olatunji mentioned that the new movie ‘Dear Affy’ was his directorial debut, and it was worth everything he puts into making the movie a great one.

He pointed out that he would focus on projecting new acts this year, 4 ladies & 1 male act, where he added that his decision behind projecting the ladies more was because of the fact that ladies brings more money to the table than the guys. LOL!

When asked why do artists bleach and must they actually bleach to fit in?

Big Sam replied saying, ‘Genevieve and many others are dark skinned and are all making waves in the industry today. I see the reason behind the bleaching as a ‘Personnal insecurity among the bleachers.’

He added that people should learn to embrace the way the look and as an artist, you should be identified  for what you  are able to bring to the table, not necessarily the way you look. He advised that artist should still take care of themselves and look good because it is also important for the business.

Big Sam concluded his interview by saying, “If bleaching will help you and your career, please bleach!”


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