1,400 Boko-Haram suspects released into the Nigerian Society. | Your View TVC

The ladies of Your View as usual wouldn’t sit to discuss if it’s not worth it.  Morayo Brown stated that recently, a report got to us that about 1, 400 repentant Boko-Haram suspects have been released. It further said that most of the released persons were relatives of Boko-Haram terrorists or persons found to be innocent after investigations. She asked for the opinion of her co-hosts on the disturbing development.

Obiajulu voiced out saying that she doesn’t understand the talks about forgiveness. what rehabilitation process did they go through? Now you release this people, what is the guarantee that they will not go back to this crime?


I understand the anger of Nigerians, but I want us to think a little & look at the categories of people that were released. Some of them are suspected Boko-Haram members and after investigations they were cleared, also children of Boko-Haram members. – Mariam Longe

Nyma pointed out that we need to be careful here. This is how mob actions kill innocent people. I am one for not negotiating with Boko-Haram. Being a lawyer, I know every criminal has their day in court until that person is convicted by a court that is competent enough to determine that person’s wrong or innocence, nobody should be sent by association to any place to be killed.


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