Artistes should get Lawyers to review their contracts with record labels – Yomi Owope

The gist about artistes and record label managers have been on and trending, the latest everyone is jumping on is about Nigerian female singer, Cynthia Morgan and her former label – Northside owned by Jude Okoye, the elder brother of PSquare – Peter and Paul Okoye.

Weighing in on the trending topic, the hosts of Wake Up Nigeria, Yomi Owope, Titithedynamite and Mary Bashua-Alimi had these to say.



“The best thing if you’re an artiste, especially of you’re an upcoming, If someone gives you a contract and says for the next five years I own you, try and look for a lawyer to read it for you.”


Yomi emphasized that artistes needs to be more careful when signing contracts because artistes usually get excited and want to jump out of the contract when they start becoming famous and getting contacts.


Mary pointed out that the unfortunate reason why upcoming artistes don’t get to review their contracts with a lawyer before signing is;

  1. Too excited
  2. Can’t afford the lawyer “The last thing you want to do at that time is to get a lawyer like N50,000 to study a document. So you’re like, let me just enter. The most important thing – ‘Make I blow’ “



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