2 kinds of men and women to avoid in relationships – Stephen Omojuyigbe

“If you find any man that tells you ‘I think about you everyday of my life,’ he’s either a fool or he’s lying.”

Dating or courting time is the time to gather data and decide if the person they’re in a relationship with, is the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Relationship coach, Stephen Omojuyigbe speaking with Mike Mesikenor on TVC’s breakfast show, WakeUp Nigeria says the most surprising thing for him as a coach, is that he finds out that when men and women complain about abuse in their marriage, he finds out that it has been going on even before the marriage.


If you’re dating these kind of men or women, you are most likely in the wrong relationship and you should avoid getting married to them.




Two kinds of women you shouldn’t date or marry


1. I don’t need a man kind of woman – Women who are very self sufficient, very independent, very unfeminine in their approach to life. They will beat down on their man. When a man comes to a woman life’s, he wants to be needed. They make it clear to him that they don’t need him in their lives. They’re very opinionated. There’s nothing wrong with a woman being strong and independent, but these kind of women, they carry it too far and they get attracted to weak men who allow them to dominate them.




2. My man is my life kind of woman – These are very weak women, very emotionally unbalance. They will drain you as a man, they constantly want to be affirmed, they constantly want to be told ‘I LOVE YOU,’ they have no self respect for themselves.

Two kinds of men you shouldn’t date or marry


1. These group of men are good looking, successful they have money, they have power. They think that women exist to serve them. When they come into the woman’s life and they think they’re doing the woman a favour. They’re domineering, often times they are emotionally abusive, Physically abusive and always verbally abusive. They are attracted to weak women. THESE MEN ARE TO BE AVOIDED FOR ALL THEIR WEALTH, FOR ALL THEIR HANDSOMENESS.

2. The Good bad boys. (To be continued on WakeUp Nigeria)




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