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The financial instability caused by the pandemic has made many people short on cash more than usual. How can that be avoided? Here are some tips to give you a new perspective on better ways to spend your money and avoid being broke.


1. Don’t purchase what you can’t afford

Be contented in your own little way. These days, people are going out of their means to impress those who don’t really matter and spending excessively in all the wrong places .


An important lesson ;one should never spend beyond their means. If you can’t afford it, then find alternatives according to your means. This is a survival mechanism which allows you to save and prevents you from going into debt.

2. Plan your spending before you actually spend

These includes making a budget and listing out bills to pay ,supplies needed and even making provision for unplanned eventualities.Doing this keeps one in perspective and helps avoid pilling debts because the first course of action when a paycheck comes would be to pay bills and first sort the things on the list .


Another advantage of making a list of expenditures is the one avoids impulsive buying by closely monitoring spending habits.

3. Invest smartly, not impulsively


Investing is a great way to make money and protect your assets. However, we aren’t all experts in investing. We may be great moneymakers, but the talent of wise investing doesn’t come to us all. As a precaution, always have an advisor who is trustworthy and an expert on investing.

However, research on your part is also important. It will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make smart investments. After some time, you will be so used to investing that your experience will be your greatest advisor.


4. Develop a skill or have a side hustle

Money problems can be a significant cause of stress. After taking a look at the reason,we discovered many are often broke either because they don’t earn enough or because they spend more than they earn.


A solution to that sort of problem would be to either develop a skill that can earn you some extra cash or start a side hustle to increase your income and pay down debt.


Increasing your income is one of the surest ways to guarantee financial security.


5. Change your mindset


Lastly ,If you are going through a financial crisis, changing your mindset by thinking positive is sure to get you through even if it is difficult to do so .


Surround yourself with positivity and always look forward to great things that are bound to happen in the future. It is the time to take that decision to live responsibly and practice it .  Ward off negative thoughts that can affect your recovery process as over worrying can cause high levels of stress and even depression.


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