5 Rape Victims Tell Their Story On Your View (Videos)

Five women have taken the bold step to tell their story on YOUR VIEW on how they were molested and RAPED even from a tender age.

Still on the matter of rape that is ravaging our society and with the recent exposure of this crime on social media, people are coming out to speak their truth.

On June 9, 2020 episode of Your View, a set of women who had experienced rape, shared their story on the live show.


The first lady we spoke to, narrated how her mother was raped by her cousin who is now a Lawmaker in Nigeria. Her mother was raped when she was in secondary school, and it resulted to pregnancy. She moves further to narrate how her mother despised her, saying she was a bad Omen. The Anonymous victim moved forward to narrate how she was raped at age 13.



Debola Salako

“I had molestation as a child from the hand of the house keeper that we had at that time. She was the one that introduced me to the act.” Debola narrates her story, adding that their reason for writing their stories, was an instruction they got from God.




Bukky Ogunwale 

“My first encounter was with a lady that my parents were helping with accommodation. She would pull us into the room, saying things like let’s play mummy and daddy.”

Speaking on if she was able to open up to her parents, Bukky explains:

“I was a very quiet child and my parents didn’t show me any reason to doubt their love, so I didn’t speak up. I remember that my big sister who is more verbal than I am, wasn’t molested.”

“I was able to speak to my mum about it 2 years ago and we have had subsequent conversations about it.”



Debbie Amole


Debbie’s story started when she was young. She lived in a low income area popularly called – “Face me, I face you” house and she was used by different men in the neigbourhood to satisfy their sexual urge.

“At a very young age, around age 5,6-7, they will just call me to their rooms, and just ask me do things like rubbing their private parts, and sometimes it goes to the extent of having oral sex. I didn’t know what I was doing. What I discovered is, the experiences never left me, it kept on lingering in my head.” 



Ruth Shonaya 

Ruth Shonaya narrates her story which happened in three parts. She stated that she was molested twice as a child by house helps, also as a grown up, she experienced sexual assault from someone who she knew.





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