Heroic Nigerian in Japan who returned missing wallet, narrates his background story on ‘Your View’

Ikenna Nweke

We must begin to honor exemplary acts and accomplishments!

There is more to us as a people than bad news and dishonesty. With an aim to inspire people to do the right thing in every circumstance, the ladies of Your View launched a new segment on the Friday show – HEROES OF THE WEEK. Nigerians who carry out extraordinary feats and achievements in terms of exhibition of our core values, dignity, integrity, honesty and ingenuity, are our true heroes and heneceforth, we would celebrate and appreciate them on the show.

Today, we shine the spotlight on Ikenna Nweke, a Nigerian residing in Japan who returned a missing wallet with huge sums of money to the Police and rejected the compensation that followed his kind of act.

Ikenna Nweke

Ikenna Nweke joined us on phone and says he feels so proud of himself, his family and of being a Nigerian. The student doctor residing in Japan said: “I was raised differently. My dad died when I was 12 and I was raised by a single mom who taught me contentment despite our financial status. Kudos to her.”



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