Where you’re going (vision) and why (purpose) should determine who and what you PERMIT (relationships and environment)

This is a series by Award winning life coach, Lanre Olusola (THE CATALYST), where we are looking at created needs that you must have in your life to survive, strive and succeed.

The life coach spoke to us last week on purpose, identity and vision and stated that purpose is the reason why you are here; the essence of your existence. Identity is who you are, who you are not, what you are and what you are not. Vision is a picture of your desired future and the path way to it.

On today’s episode, Lanre Olusola spoke about Environment , Relationship, Purpose, Identity and Vision:

“Environment is your physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional atmosphere”. You know how we are all nurtured into nature? The environment that you are born into, your family, home, the people and things within, is what we define as an environment”.

According to him, your environment influences your eternity of your experience, it influences how you are nurtured into what your father, mother, teacher has taught you over time and it encompasses the relationship you have around you.

A part of Proverb reads: “show me your friends and association and I will adequately predict your future”. Other parts read: “he who works with the wise shall be wise”, “the companions of fools shall be destroyed”.

To survive, strive and succeed, you must ask yourself these two questions: WHAT AM I INHERITING?, WHAT HAVE I BROUGHT FROM MY PAST ENVIRONMENT?

The influence of your past environment is critical to what you experience today and also critical to what you can achieve in your vision/purpose tomorrow. He further gave an example of a plane or ship: “The plane will take you from where you are going to where you desire to be but if you are going to Tokyo or Japan and you board a flight going to Germany, you are on a flight with people that are going somewhere else. The environment might seem right, but the destination is wrong so you have boarded a flight that is not going where you are going; you are at the wrong environment with the wrong people.

So when talking about environment and relationships, it should be in line with your vision and your purpose. “A man without a vision is a man that is going nowhere. A man that hasn’t aligned his purpose, identity, vision with his environment and with his relationship is a man that will soon be frustrated, irritated, depressed, stressed, anxious and worried.”

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