Low capital business ideas

Nigeria is a country filled with many business opportunities; you just have to find the one that fits.

A key factor in selecting a business idea would be one that solves the basic needs of people.

Firstly, let’s talk about grocery errands or deliveries. Many households are trying to keep safe or are really busy to make it to the maker, so they prefer to send someone to help them out. As an entrepreneur, you can pick that up and start supplying people and it shouldn’t be too expensive.


Secondly, you can be a dance instructor. People are ready to up their dance skills, some even can register their children. If you have a talent in dancing, you can hop on this business and make a good use of it, you could even add an exercise routine for people that want to stay fit.

Thank God for smartphones, you can turn a simple picture to a work of arts. So if you are good with taking good pictures and nice angles, this is a way of making an earning with extra cash, download all the editing apps learn more on the internet and start cashing out. And from there you could buy a good camera and lenses.

Furthermore, if you know how to cook, the food business is definitely a sure bet for you. You can start putting your work out there and start telling your friends and families you do food delivery now and you will be surprised how people will come through buying your food when your food is delicious, well packaged and at an affordable rate.Then you can upgrade by catering for events.

Lastly, if you are a fashionista and have a good taste in things, you can jump on this business by doing shopping online for people because some people are too busy with work so they prefer someone doing the shopping for them, you can even be their stylist, create your own fashion catalogs.

Find video below from 41:35 – 50:10.

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